Goodbye, 2013

by Bubblegum Octopus

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This is a SUPER SPECIAL EDITION "mixtape" to commemorate the end of one of the most peculiar years of my life.
This is not an album, but rather a collection of material new and old, released and unreleased alike.
It is based on the 15 copy mini-tour "mixtape" I assembled for my mini tour of the south-eastern US in September of 2013, but does not contain all of the same material.

No guarantee this will stay online for very long, so grab it while it's cool! (^_^;;


Each track has a description attached, but here is the shorthand version:
Track 1 is a commissioned piece for a video game
Tracks 2 and 3 are 2012 remakes of old songs
Tracks 4 is from the to-be-released "Small Pals, Big World"
Tracks 5 and 13 are deconstructions of rich and famous pop stars for a compilation series.
Tracks 6 and 9 are from My God Is The Cat King
Tracks 7 and 8 are remixes of my friends Monomate and Crochetcatpause, respectively
Track 10 is a song by my solo project Almond Milks
Tracks 12 and 14 are from the now dead 2008 album "Sparkle Fountain"
Track 15 was the soundtrack to my two person + dozens of toys new years party
The bonus track is a commissioned piece for a short film


released January 1, 2014

All songs performed/written by and copyrighted to Matthew "m@ the c@" Morden, except for the remixes, which were created by the aforementioned with permission from the original content's artists or done in ways that obscure the source material beyond what would be considered stealing.

Artwork by Matthew Morden and Christine Lewis
"Bubblegum Octopus" text by Ohhinaifu (



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Here he be He DEAD
Here he is!
Oh no, where'd he go now?
Come back friend!
Please don't have to play

I made these party favors
I forged them from enchanted steel
I forged them in the Wuyi Mountains
I strike with molten forces
I put the "pain" in "you feel pain"
Can you believe this madness is real?

This party sucks now
Come back and play with me

Say you're sorry
Okay, it's fine
I fucked your life
Okay, it's great. So fun.
Sarcasm ends

Now my friends have all come back
I have games for everyone to share
We exist eternal joy
I hope that we can all have fun down here

In the coffin we play checkers
In the coffin we drink soda
In the coffin we have flashlights
In coffin we have fun all night
Track Name: You're A Bad Cat Man ~You're A Bad 2012 Man Mix~
You're a bad cat man
You're a bad cat man yes you are
You're a bad cat man
You're so bad I hope you die
You are so bad (x3)
I hate you so much I hope you die
You're a bad cat man
How did you get out of your cage?
You're a bad cat man
I will punch you in the ____
I have friends that I hope you follow
If you don't I'll cut you up
I have friends that have fur and fangs, yeah
They'll bite off your ugly head
Now this battle is a storm, absorbing flames of butterflies
I make your flesh warm
Birds will sing the dirge now of absolute defeat
The second evil cat has fallen and dogs consume your meat
Track Name: Lioncoolman ~Dangerous Style Mix~
Lioncoolman, Lioncoolman
Ride the man
Lioncoolman, Lioncoolman
You're the waves
Don't ever camp, love summer change
Have a have a summer, keep in touch
lionman touch
Track Name: Misconception Superhighway
Fuck you, I just don't need this shit
I know, more than you would believe
Cuz I have all of this info here
I can tell that you're just subordinate

You are bound to all the orthodox
I can see that you're stuck in the box now

I am the greatest
I am strong and mighty
I am the greatest
I am powerful

If we race I'll leave you behind
If we fight I'll kick your behind
I have spent years flying through this road
I don't know how badly you'll get killed off

No, I don't look out behind I already know it's you there crying

So now prepare to be destroyed
I knew that you would just fall down
It only took you a couple tries
before you wanted the pain to subside
But no, that's just for the weak
If you're strong you will be like me
Everything that you hate It will take you
possess you and control your body
eat your soul, consume your passion
you'll be left alone and bitter
Track Name: Senator Daniel Dog
Senator dog
Passin' a bill
Stamp with a paw
Senator dog
He will make all biscuit bones free (for him)
Track Name: p
I don't care anymore, I just don't give a shit
Please don't dance at my shows, I don't wanna shake my ass
Shows are for sitting down, shows are for crossing arms
Shows are for everyone to loiter, talk, and stand around

I'm kidding
I'd love you to dance around
Show me you love me

I like to be respected
Just as much as I like to be neglected
Please tell I'm not what you expected
Please tell me you came and new what would happen