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Perfect Life & Other Stuff

by Bubblegum Octopus

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+Blood Tea+ 00:33
No lyrics, silly
Sky opens up, a flight of stairs to heaven Precepts of a guiding force to enter into battle Pay off the debt of a soul of the righteous and look into the eyes of god and tell him that you'll live forever Embrace the bleakness inside you (This is a parting gift: the iron kiss of death) Cold demons crumble before, but you know they're still alive Spoken words can't blind you The perfect world was built on carcasses of fallen warlords Stars and stairs worth climbing A place to rest in the ground fit for them all One last gasp of air Drown right out of here But now as we live out and multiply Sing refrains in sacred measure Climb stars and stairs, stratosphere heaven sent, no more fear
The Group 02:29
On the last day with the marching band Sat on the bus knowing that those days were nearly over Missing the group of loving good friends Before violence and drugs and before the pain heartbreak platonic Smell of basement where touch became okay and Despite the infractions it still was found an interminable friendship Caught up in summer nights, laugh beside the pool and The kiss of a wind vaguely aromatic of finite elation So let's all hear, what did the group see when they split stale bread? Wash down water bottle recycling Preserve the future Like acetaminophen, you forget the pain if you simply block the potential Empathy for devastated harmony, what's left to feel This gravity this tragedy a towering kaiju that's crushing the planet Revisit alone, windows rolled down Driving past places you once lived Trying to hold white hot tears back But magma can burn through your skin Uncommon it was to find a place to fit in And once it was lost there was no safe way to pick up again Stuck square in the center where you all broke everything the fuck apart Still clenching my chest holding my aching heart Years from now I hope there's a reprise Repair with truth, cautious love, no more lies As if a storybook could guide your way Seek happy ending ever after again The hopeful wish couldn't undo damage done the mendacity or erroneous pattern suspicion The court is adjourned and a verdict reached without the evidence that reality could ever be shown Stop, the group's going to be fine Presently surrounded in a circle Stop, the group eternal lives on Pop out and float around the world
Copy Chris now he's got a thing or two to teach to his friends Learn from the sounds he's crafting in his bedroom (just like you) Make more noise and make more noise Pluck of the string inside the screen and frantic kick drums pounding Believe your ears and let your spirit guide the notes your write Those jealous thoughts you have of besting all your friends, your icons Just serve to keep you down, a competition that can't be won Keep your hope alive Listen to the way that his voice fills you with a sense of wonder like "Is this guy a human or what? Is he a god?" Well he's certainly a flawed one. But you can't tell him that Don't wanna make him mad You know that there's a time and place for everything Just like riding a bike, it's sure you'll never forget Whatever you might learn You try to upload the thoughts Regurgitate ideas wrapped up in a new sound Copy Chris now it didn't go as planned the outcome different But it's not settling you've made something that's still beautiful Write more notes and write more notes Strike of the hammer pounding metal frame that vibrates fiercely Believe your ears and let your spirit guide the notes you write You're doing better than you think it's not a race, take your time Just let the data know you love the things you do and you will prosper
Birthday2 01:12
Birthday celebration Everyone can be present Put them all in the paper Put plastic bows on their heads I can't wait to unwrap them All of my friends are my treat Pizza, soda, and icecream I think that I'll do this twice Oh, it's a birthday celebrate It's a birthday celebrate It's a birthday sing this song Oh, it's a birthday time for me And a birthday time for you I think this makes this Birthday 2 Birthday celebration Everyone non-stop dancing I could not feel better I swear it's raining money We are all riding dolphins Into the land of nonsense We don't care that it's stupid We don't care that it's- wait, hold on? What do you mean you can't make it to the birthday party What the !@#$ do you mean you already made plans with somebody No it's over I swear you're #!$%ing dead to me now It doesn't matter that you had good intentions if you disappoint me! Sorry, what was I saying? Oh yes, a birthday party Everything is so perfect Even if you are not here I know what you are thinking Something's amiss, repulsive But that thought is not correct Life is a celebration Oh, it's a birthday time for me And a birthday time for you I think this makes this Birthday 2
Last words are bad dreams, last photos for memory A soul that repent Rough life that was okay to forget A Plea futile: "Come back, beat life!"" Don't grieve for any fucking reason, eulogize for stronger people Inhale the wall of thick smoke, plastic gas, and shred steel The hour glass cracked and then broke Pause the clock and gather up thoughts Recover what the pictures forgot Through contrition we can feel light Come back and sing and love and beat life Oh, another day would be great Learn to love each moment of fate While the sun sets and the moon shines I look out above to feel the sublime Can't reach through barrier between Slam your hands down Angel wings can carry more than flesh and bone skeleton I worry not anymore this beast has found spirit Over the hill there's a light, flashing Coming from the other side, laughing Brass horns and grey pewter wings, power Never forget how to sing blissful/never
Hello??? I have 20 missed calls on my caller ID BYE!!! How did you get my number? What do you want from me? He said he wants all of my beloved possessions I told him that he was wrong and not to call me back (not ever) Stop the ringing, I need a reprieve Won't answer, sweat wide awake Melting pot of anguishing thoughts, another voicemail punches through On other days I wait and pray for calls from numbers I know But with the insect buzz of towers shooting radiation I grab my vibrating leg, see numbers I'm not liking The final act, I must bow out it's curtain call
Last Stop 02:16
Transfer terminal intentional despondent Train doors open no one gets out at the last stop Pull in at night, covered by dark Wait for the next train coming Unfortunate, quotidian Work day push broom through more decay Keep your sneakers clean for body bag He died counting blessings Life is preparation for beyond The galaxy you see before your face up toward constellation Prepare llift off Systems all go, red light change, jet propulsion screaming Out from the tube, the tunnel, transfer from train to rocket Jump the turnstyle! That silver mass approach, a comet blasting forward, bullet train to ride Cosmic adrenaline rush with raucous screams to be heard from the other side Push vaccine, in vacuum- eviscerated Rings around gas giant trail impact Burst blood splatter Block iron Oxygen mask no use now Transfer terminal intentional despondent Train doors open no one gets out at the last stop Pull in at night, covered by dark Wait for the next train coming Unfortunate, quotidian, Work day push broom through more decay
Empath vibrate Breathe in glass Gravity curse Cast shoulders to feet "Oh, nothing can go wrong" he said This is as promised it would be Everything now a mess inside my head Blinding lights, and endless joy, is this for me? My pulse too high I'm sweating Sit in a puddle of fear Filling with dread compressed with dead ocular film contracting A rhythmic pattern pumping adjourned by failing memory Absolute blast beat revolting Melt mass dilate Ladle of tears Scream beat rumbling There's trembling in here now Oh, just to be alone, I said Some solitude from my anxiety Now it's worse inside my head, for good Blinding fog, a fading heart, is this for me?


This album is a collaboration with my 17 year old self. All songs began with compositions, concepts, and events from the summer of 2006.
This album is dedicated to the group of friends I spent that period of time with, to my late grandma Lynne, and to everyone who I have spent my summers with in positive and inspiring ways in the twelve summers since.


released June 17, 2019

Matthew "m@ the c@" Morden

Kaori Tsuchimoto

Brad Boatright


all rights reserved



Bubblegum Octopus New Jersey



(2005 - FOREVER)

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