Bad Happy

by Bubblegum Octopus

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SquishyPlays This song has so much emotion in it, the modern day love is long distance so it is relatable. Great job M@ Favorite track: Time Zone Proclivity.
Toto Mayhem
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Toto Mayhem Beautiful lyrics and an unique voice combined with awesome (chiptune)synths & beats. This album is truly a masterpiece and will always be one of the best things I've ever heard! ♥ Favorite track: Floor of Worlds.
Tony Provenzano
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Tony Provenzano this is one of the sickest albums ive ever jammed. so sick. Favorite track: 888 Days Meow Fast.
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Written and recorded between August 2009 and March 2011.


released March 18, 2011

All composition, programming, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, theremin, synth, other electronics, and whatever else by Matthew "m@ the c@" Morden

Track 3 features MS-20 by Sean Lango

Track 12 contains a cut-up sample of Matthew on drums and Keith Williams of Washington Square Park on guitar.

Track 13 contains a cut-up sample of Ultra Death Men (Matthew on bass, Jon Lango on drums, Sean Lango on guitar)

Album mixed by Matthew Morden and Sean Lango

Album mastered by Alex Saltz (

Artwork by Inés Estrada (

Most percussion samples are things Matthew created/recorded or drum machines and software, but a few came from



all rights reserved
Track Name: SpazzPop Forever!!!!!~
SpazzPop! I think it's here to stay
SpazzPop! Bring love to enemies
SpazzPop! Confusing everyone
SpazzPop! Melodic blasts of fun

I'm going to miss you, my voice has run away from me
But I think it's worth it, to show the world colors and love
I brought joy and sorrow, to my dinner table last night
We all had marshmallows, we washed it down with ginger ale

SpazzPop! I know that nothing's bleak
SpazzPop! Brought everything I could
SpazzPop! I want eternity
SpazzPop forever! SpazzPop Forever!!!!!~
Track Name: 888 Days Meow Fast
Oh, these days go fast. I seem to misplace my life.
I wish I was a cat so my days would feel longer.
I detect the pressure build to meet prerequisites, but no one grasps this concept I'm pushing around.
There's nothing in my code to tell me what to do.
I'd like to act on impulse, thinking with my stomach

We're in harmony, if you accept bruitism
We've become good friends, if you'll hang with my cats
I have no chorus, because I want seclusion, but I'd play with you, if but just for one night

These eight hundred and eighty eight days go by so fast I don't notice when the dawn breaks
Track Name: Sleep Void
I'm in a sleep void
Taking me from normal life
Drifting to far lands
My room's the ocean, I have to sail my bed ship out of this wasteland

Why am I awake? The sun is gone
And now it's rising: Morning dew forms
I've been asking carrots to release the things that they're carrying that could help me fall asleep
That feeling that I miss they call sleep

Awake past morning, Yellow sun hits inside me
Blow out my candle

My heart is pounding
My lungs feel like they're being crushed by a demon
Open the portal, take me beyond this abyss
Cuddle me softly
Track Name: Floor of Worlds
Oh, this world is growing black
The clouds are moving in
Evil will rise again
Oh, there's no place I can hide
They'll steal the ground away
They'll steal my ground away

Platforms rise you see
This planet made of floors
Lost above me
Hold on as the ground breaks
Barely alive
I'm not lying when I say that the world is melting

Getting dizzy
Dissolve everything that makes me conscious

Hallway growing blacker than I have ever seen
No lights shining

Aggrandizing avaricious monsters from other lands
Jingoist xenophobes
My best offense is strong defense
Running is cowardly and I'm but a milquetoast

My world is falling apart and myself becoming nothing
I am weakened by my nightmares

Tried: my song did fail
No, not heard that well
You can save this earth
Play this forever

Now the planet slips away
Life all gets taken off, but it just seems okay
I know that my friends are dead, but so is everyone, all bad guys gone for good
I won't miss them anyway
What good did they do me? What friends stood up for me?
Now I get what I deserve
Some time alone at last; some time to cogitate
I wasted my time here, of this there's no debate
But here's a second chance, the oceans all roll back
The sun is rising now: I'm sitting up in bed
Track Name: Tubulidentata
Tubular and long is the snout
Searching through the dirt for bugs
Cooler than a dog that's for sure
Underrated beast he is

Expected to become an icon of desire
From your kids to your mom, I'll show you my maneuvers
I am a stalwart creature if you are having nightmares
I can show you my love with my dream eating powers
You will never sleep alone again at night. You will never sleep again in fear


Later you can rest in the woods
And the forest floor is clean
No night terrors up in the sky
No bed bugs to bother you
Track Name: Goodbye Light (God's Fake Laser)
I look back on every thing that I have done 'til now and I see that I can never feel the same way again

I'm sitting down in the basement, one twenty eight sounds are filling my head
And then I break, a sacred bank. I'm pleasantly lost.

My fighter plane into the sky
I'm over cities in the dark
My battle tank through desert lands
We all roll out the spotlights on
Feudal method of combat wins
Hot blades they can destroy cold guns
Fighting is wrong but so is God
He lied to me he double crossed

I hate the stars (I hate the stars)
Drown the sun (drown the sun)
Crush the moon (crush the moon)
Defenseless now (I'm left unsheltered)

Light destroyed (light destroyed)
Blackened heart (blackened heart)
Laser was just a gun
Lasers made to raze this bubble

Now I just think, I just worry
I never rest so I can't dream
There is no fight, no bravery
I'm no white knight, I'm barely here
Track Name: Betrayal is okay.
I understand that our goals are different, perhaps you will, perhaps you will listen
But we can find separation together, oh no it's not, it's not a problem
You can go and do what you want, see who you want to
You can trade me in as a villain, just don't forget, no matter what:
I don't want you to become my opposition. As long as nothing outside my snow globe ever changes, I don't care what you're doing if it doesn't hurt me. I haven't any clue what relationship you think we have

You constantly forget all our plans. You lie about calling me back. You make me clean up your messes. You bring my food two hours late.

You yell at me and trash my room because I'm getting on edge, but somehow I've found it within the husk of a human to see that you're still somewhat alright.

All of my words tend to mislead you, but at least they tend to at least be polite
But we still have to function together, we must act as if we're all alike
Track Name: We ARE Sick
We are sick, oh we are sick
You're a plague, you're disgusting

I'm a mess
You're hurting me, taking all my time
I don't want to deal with you, I don't want to deal with you
I am a mess
You broke my lungs, infected all my bones, axed my synapses, and now I can not read

We are sick, oh we are sick
You're a plague, you're disgusting
Track Name: Shovel Piledriver
I don't need to write another violent song
I've matured; it's all behind me now
But for you I'll show my suppressed violence
Critical damage received, I'm tired of thinking about things this fucked up
Everywhere everything
Rift right into fucking nowhere, Traveling nowhere
Track Name: Metallic Sheep Nap
Sleeping in, take a nap
Made of metal, endless life span
Don't be sad, don't freak out
You will be here for forever

I can't love you, I can't get to know your name
Temporary, fast forwarding in my life

I don't have to show you my wool, you should know I'm made of metal
I don't think it's worth it for me, I am scratching, burning static

Metallic, sheep will sleep
Not because they're getting tired
It's a lie, it's contrived
It's a trick to feel normal

I can't sleep, steel mattress
Stay alert, keep lights on
I won't sleep, restless thoughts
Stay awake, suppress dreams
Track Name: Feeler than I'm old
I'm getting older, no stopping time
I can't believe this at all
Before you know it I'll be long gone
You can sing this when I'm dead

Feeling less joy
Hurdling towards death
I'm slowing down
Not long ago

I'm sitting, slow ticking
I'm kneeling, fast ticking
I'm standing, no ticking
I'm leaving, no living

Feeler than I'm old, it's accurate
I wish I knew how to act
Coming to terms with mortality
Ephemeral perspectives

Clocks broken are better left unfixed
Sly tricks to persuade less advance
I'll take this lie over that truth
I'll take to my wings and run away

Soaring beyond all of my past life
These chemical storms in my eyes
The unified consciousness forgets that melody always lives on

My body unravels
Feel my noise
No violent words
Loud silences

They're always here
Cloudy white lines
No cats live here
Knock down my trees
Track Name: Beautiful Little Towne
Something doesn't feel right, Feel it in the wind
Looking down upon the, Town I'm smiling softly, Nothing on my face true

I feel like the mayor of (tiny little town, perfect little town)
But I'm feeling weaker still
I have things to care for (its so beautiful, in my little town)
See my people smiling

Can you see perfection? (I don't see it here, maybe over there!)
My heart almost bursting
Breathing all this fresh air (time to clean my lungs, fill me up with love!!)
See the puffy white clouds
Breaking sculptures like glass (I don't deserve praise, don't give it to me)
I've made all of my mistakes
I've let people suffer (never thought I would, wish that I did not)
It's my turn again now

Now I'm in a new place, I think it's my home
Every thing's just splendid, won't take this for granted, I won't burn this place down

There's things fucking with me (get away from here, I don't want to deal with you)
I've learned things I can apply
Some will never get here (stuck until they die, no one to mourn them)
to my perfect little town
But some things might never change for me forever,
I may never lead well in my perfect little towne
Track Name: Loud Noise In My Room
A prism spectrum above the land
I'm looking up, now spinning out, we're flying up, and crashing down
The mountains tower, but they're beneath us
White patterns break, past summers snake
There's reason to believe that I'm making this up

I'll go back to make loud noise in my room
There's reasons for the sounds I produce
I'll go back to loud things in my room
I promise they're just ugly to you
I'm just making loud noise in my room
I'll just make more loud noise in my room

Shouldn't stay inside for too long
Life is only everything that you do, so make it something worth remembering

Wake to the feeling of cat friends
They're running off, no stopping them, my blanket's gone, I'm feeling cold
They look at me. I'm an enemy.
They know what's inside (bursting outside)
Nothing saves me from my insides

I'll go back to make loud noise in my room
There's reasons for the sounds I produce
I think that my reasons are all true
I hope that I convey things to you
These noises make up things I call songs
These songs make up places I can call home

Look at me I'm making noise in my room
I'll do it, make a song about you
I'm going broke I'm losing my hair
I don't think you will even care
Can you hear me ruining both of my ears?
Unpopular pop music fantasies
Track Name: Time Zone Proclivity
Now I've wasted all of my time waiting for it: Life's own rewind
Zooming beyond finer moments
Look back fondly towards your future
I know that vision is a simulation, replayed, reused from my imagination
There was a time when what I saw was real, but that's not now: I am pretend

I've been hoping for elation, but I meet beasts in perdition
Trying to save everybody
Some will be helped, some fates sealed

Evoking repressed sensations
Feeling giddy, jumping stomachs
Perverse things will supplant small joys
This Good Sadness, this Bad Happy

I know that I will wake up when this game ends
Alive, outside, might be a dream

Looking back, I know I've been wrong
All my feelings were ill advised
I can't take things from this life time
Proclivity to change time zones
Track Name: Resting in the valley forever
On the hilltops overlooking everything
Pulse spiking as light weakens and goes away
Millenniums pass by like seconds did before: time dilates

We're resting in the valley forever
We're sleeping, napping while the sand glass shatters
We're resting in the valley together
We're fast asleep while history repeats and fractures

Ongoing struggles have dissolved
Our mortal fears have disappeared
A life time spent fighting for false icons
This planet that barely took place

Good memories, that's all we ever were
Just abstract thoughts inside a machine god
Analogous to artifacts of past
We never know, we never know how fake we are

There's panic, no one understands my comfort
There's screaming, violence builds and overflows
I ask them if they could please just keep it down
I tend to be loud, but for once...

We're resting in the valley forever
We're sleeping, napping while the sand glass shatters
We're resting in the valley together
We're fast asleep while history repeats and fractures

The things above are laughing now
The tidal wave made from the tears
But I'm okay, sleeping with you right now
This nap is all that took place

Good memories, that's all we'll ever have
Spatial infractions of capacity
Electric star matter: We burst/implode
I'm sorry it took so long to be happy