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Limited to 150 some odd copies, every one hand made. The first 30 or so were made by Chris Monica (Yatagarasu) before the tour started, the remaining were all screen-printed and assembled in Aircraft's basement.

If you download the whole thing you can get scans of the insert sheets Chris made, which have lyrics and other info.

This was recorded to coincide with our tour in the summer of 2009. Pay what you want, if anything!


released August 14, 2009

Tracks 1 - 4: Chris Monica
Tracks 5 - 8: Matthew "m@ the c@" Morden
Artwork by Mike Engel



Track Name: Bubblegum Octopus - Fire Belly Bravery
I need some fire in my stomach
I need that burning rage inside me now
So I can get it right when everything is getting loud around me
I can show the world that I am tougher than the rest

I need to prove myself to be strong
I need to join the fight against the Huns
I want to be strong as a cat god
I want to be the kvltest of them all

So bring the flames that start a riot
So bring the hate that fuels every bad crime
I promise that I'll use my power
Use it for the worst of things
I'll be the anthesis of my own ideal desires
Track Name: Bubblegum Octopus - Enjoy My Home
When it's so cold, I'll let you inside
I've got a heater in this place
I can crank it, make it so high
The chilly air, it stays outside

come on, get warm, you're shivering
Saw you walk here, your lantern glows on
You're falling down, into the snow
It's so damn cold. My scarf has blown off


So now that you're here, what should we do?
I'm not sure why, but I'm starting to love you
So let's enjoy my home slowly
All the things inside, for you and me
Track Name: Bubblegum Octopus - Product Amazement
I can't believe that this product can do things like that
It's so insane and I must be crazy
Sitting on the internet I know that I need it,
I've got your money, hand it now

Now the room started spinning, I know my urge is winning
But I can't let it best me... then again it has dressed me
Everything that I'm doing: controlled by key commands
Once I learned that this was true, they tried to take me from you

As you can see I am weakened, I just need to possess things
If I'm not out producing, I need to be consuming
It's when I'm doing neither, I'm haunted by desire
And it's coded within me, allow material glee

Now come over to my place, I have things for both of us
It's all I will ever do, sitting in front of this tube
And I know what they're saying, telling me I'm insane
They'll call me an otaku, they'll make a joke of me true
Track Name: Bubblegum Octopus - The Fantastical Balloonopus: Snachtïrl'ynk
Snachtïrl'ynk: Fantastical balloon
In the park I eat my popsicle
Octopus, he takes off his top hat
Dancing time, old lady starts a rap

I take your hand, I don't want you to float away (away from me)
I'll never let you pop. I won't let the fun stop.

The grass will pop me
Bad dog don't eat that (my ice cream)

I'll play a song for you, Snachtïrl'ynk
I know you're a balloon
Here I go, "sick ass" guitar shredding
Count in four, I won't change it up now

I'm all done. I finished up, it's true
Put it down, it's time to take a nap
You hurt me, a nap is full of treats
Just like you, we'll hang out in my dreams