8​-​Legged Dance Moves (2005 demo)

by Bubblegum Octopus

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This embarrasses me to put on the internet again. It embarrasses me that this is what a lot of people still think Bubblegum Octopus is all about, ten years later. It embarrasses me that people have heard this and never listened to me again because this is what they heard. Some parts of this even just patently embarrass me, because that's just what looking back at your teenage self is like. However, this collection of music is very important to me and to the context of this project. Bubblegum Octopus is the piece of art that has grown with me the most. It is the expression of my passions and emotions and interests, as honestly as possible, with the only filter being the scope of my imagination and physical abilities.
On August 12th of 2005, this project began in the midst of a sleepless fervor. The composition of the very first Bubblegum Octopus song, Neighbors Do Bad Things, lead me to believing that I was able to write melodic music after all. And on that first night, I not only composed that song, but several others: Disco Party, The Flavors Of One's Self And Sky, Paper Punch Out Dreams, and Mischief Song. The remainder of that year saw me finding more artistic direction.

This official re-release is the defining collection of music from the demo era; the most naive, lo-fi, and amateur of my work with BgO. I assure you, all of it was done in earnest and, with the exception of Cupcake Mountain (more on that if you click on the track), is all fueled by emotional weight I was feeling. When I made these songs, I couldn't believe I was capable of something like that, and that's a feeling I've used as a guide toward making my music better over the years. There is still the same incredulous excitement in my heart when I make something new. When I stop feeling that is when this project will truly die.

This collection also includes 6 bonus demo tracks and 2 b-sides from the first year. Do me a really huge favor and don't put them on youtube or anything. I only want them to be presented with the correct context. I hope you can understand that wish.

Re-reading these lyrics, I'm really struck by just how violent everything is. In some instances (mostly just Cupcake Mountain) I was subscribing to an aesthetic I accidentally built, but didn't necessarily want, but most of the time I think what I was really doing was fighting with my identity, my obsessive/unwanted thoughts, and my anxiety, as well as trying to ameliorate the conflicting feelings I had about violence (I am very much a pacifist, but I liked violent video games and often, at the time, had trouble relating to others without saying over the top, often violent things; I drew guns and blood on everything when I was really young but never wanted to hurt anything).
This music also came out of a phase where I first started to explore my gender identification/sexual identity/etc but had then become betrayed and violated by those people that fostered that environment for me, so I think a lot of the angst came directed from a further broken sense of self. By this time, I embraced the decidedly un-masculine aspects of myself, but often in a guilty, self-deprecating way.

Basically, I was just a mess of conflicting ideas, and I was equal parts expressing them in full, and reacting with shame and anger at myself. One of the biggest themes of this project has always been the effortless combination of ideas that conflict to create something harmonious.
On top of all of that, feigning exorbitant self confidence is a way I coped with my immense self-loathing (I still do it some times!) so there's a lot of very intentional posturing done in these words.. a theme I carried over to many more songs on TAFKA8LDM and even beyond.

Over all though, I wanted things to be fun, because I have a really tough time just letting myself have fun, and I always have. While I really wished people would see it for the heartfelt expression it was, and see that there were layers of meaning to almost every word I wrote, I also wanted people to have fun and get silly with me, once I noticed people gave a damn at all. I'm just really fortunate anyone ever did.

Here's to ten weird years and to whatever the future holds.

"I'm fucking tough"


released December 20, 2005

m@ - everything



all rights reserved
Track Name: Acid Wash
In the factory I tried to run I tried to see in
But a man in a white coat
put a gun right to the back of my head
I got mad so I took out my carefully guarded revolver
I popped t
he little prick way more than just a couple times
the smell of blood was overwelming so I began
to run away from the rotting carcass
all I could think about was the thing that I had gone and done
but I guess my life was in danger so I had to do what I did
Inside the chemical plant I saw the awful truth of the twisted things done to people and animals, empty hollow bodies lined up on the walls in a disturbing fashion that made me so sick I vomited
The stench of chemicals that I have not ever seen
began to slowly enter my nostrils
pierce my frail brains remains
after this ordeal I think Im going to destroy it
absorb the bomb
get crash power and mutilate with fire
annhilate what will haunt me for eternity
I just hope that it doesnt rain bodies
on my way out
I popped four more
of those assholes
right in their faces
with only
one more bullet
I had to resort
to more powers
I created
one more blast
of concentrated energy
it could have destroyed anything
but because of my superior level I controlled it enough to just take out the factory and the things inside it with nothing left I started to laugh
no more pain and suffering for specimens of all species
I walked through the ash that was once the twisted factory
I dont know what they were trying to make
oh my god what have I done to the world the had the cure for AIDS and HIV and Cancer
Ive made a mistake here come the cops
I better not make one more
oh god no I can just feel it
Track Name: Deathworld
welcome to the death world
no one is alive here
except for the devil
he is not a nice guy
he’ll cut you a bad deal
and laugh at your sadness
he’ll laugh at diseases
and he’ll laugh when children die
and he;; laugh when their mothers cry
he knows no fear and knows no shame
causing horror is his game

I said it and I mean it
hes really getting angry
hes gonna fuck you to death
he makes it look like nothing
its not gonna feel good
unless you like the feeling
of rusty barbed wire
and demon semen in your hair

you will amount to nothing
that is not a nice thing
but I speak the cold truth
death world is so frightening
I dont know why youre so scared
maybe its because you
like to do such bad things to me

I was once to die but the execution loved me

not about to cry
because of the pain
this loser demon is causing
dont you want to just yell
Id rather go to hell
your wish is my command
you’re just jealous of me
what is there to envy?
love and hugs and candy
not to mention family
what makes you think that I give a shit about this crap Id rather crush skulls with an axe
Track Name: Egg Beam <<<o>>>
pearly great white
building; huge fight
I had the egg gun stuffed in my black shoes (untied, never lied, some have died)
face to face with harsh death from it
the egg beam rips out and kills all in its path
oh no, please don't make the chicken angry cuz he's got this beam on stun not kill
shredding white lights
burn up
atmosphere [fear] the egg beam
hens with big guns dont cluck for fun
squiggly lines!
chickens eyes!
pearly white!
egg mines!!
not to knock the things, but what I do with you never seems to make an ounce of fucking sense
Track Name: Disco Party
Welcome to the Disco Partay
we dont want to drink a thing except for blood and vinegar
but we have some party games
like shoot him up and shoot him back and fuck his ass to death with lead
I never saw a game like that one but it sounds pretty god damn fun
I brought the beverages!
what did I just tell you about drinking at my fucknig house
He said the food is good
if by food you mean the broken glass Im shoving down your throat this evening
I didnt know my house was party central
I will make those shit rods pay for what they did to me
no one leaves this room alive if they scheduled all this glee
partial repent for what youve sinned is certainly not okay
if you planned the mess Im in now your life will end today
what were you thinking...
the drums beat out your death march as I throw more dirt on the coffin your body lies in with out rest
Track Name: Bad Dog Situation
stay away bad dog
get back on your pointy collar
please do not eat me
Ill bribe you with a brick or dollar
dont you recognize me?
it hasnt seen your face for years
you look hungry
dont forget it

Im not gonna hurt you
it’d be funny if you thought you were
I will not tease you
Ill give you your treats

I had a dream about people jsut like you
I dreamt that I ate them all
gobbled them up and the bones I threw
fell to the ground and away I flew

I took the fast lane
a one way trip right
out of this dog town
dogs makin’ me frown

rabies took the souls right out of the dogs minds
eyes fucknig blood shot
red and getting way hot

saw the foam drip right out of his damn mouth
gross and disgusting
hydrophobic busting

sexual pride of non neutered pups is
rather disturbing
blood started gurgling

Id take a drink before you even try to
understand whats really
going on here

Id take some pills too just make it less weird
canine machine guns
this isnt that fun
bullets tear through bloody holes
tearing remains of our souls
Die! No! Stop! Go!
Chain clanking madness
dark and heartless excercise
tearing out the
beet red eyes
wolves now command you
to pull the trigger on you
fang bullets enter
into my body
this just cant be real
this isnt what i should feel
I havent lived
a mildy sufficient
life Im only 12
now Im going to hell
Track Name: Pizza Party
I don’t think, that you’re invited
to my real big , pizza party
we’ll have drinks, just lots of soda
games and movies, it’ll be so fun
but now because you have to be so cool
and ruin all of my fun
Im gonna kick you in the intestines
and now your smile is gone
christmas time is almost upon us
and you havent bought me one gift
thanks alot jerk
yeah some friend you are
Ill never let you in my house again you asshole
the five 9s deal, is super cool
its almost so cheap that it will pay for school
thats reall good, for people like me
who love pizza but have no money
pizza, important as
gasoline and,your clothing goods
expensive, I know it is
but its jsut that, I can’t neglect
flavors, like anchovies
and pine apple, its just so yum
don’t you, dont’ gimme that
look like it is, jsut really dumb
I cant, believe you
just can see you, hating pizza
Track Name: Cupcake Mountain
cupcake mountain is above the
dying land of candy treats. full of squirrel carcass
cherry in the snowy frosting
last time that I visited, that place was covered with a ton of dead.... rats
climb the top and eat the sugar
what the fuck do you think this is, I havent ever heard of that one
no Im telling you its all true
that place is a garbage heap it isnt worth a half a shit Id rather take a bath of acid then have to make a trip there
not ever
the. clock. ticks. down.
cries. from. the. town.
chil. dren. all. frown.
be. fore. they. drown.
“and the frosting came down, melted right off the side of the mountain, and cascaded over the village. The sweet white goodness quickly turned into a death and terror. people tried to run , but the frosting moves too fast for anyone to get to safety. their lives were all cut short and no one in the town survived, what was once considered a blessing is now the worst disaster that that town has ever seen.”
I love cupcakes they’re so yummy
what the fuck are you tripping on, I just told you the story
I don’t listen when its gory
The whole damn story was a god damn mess, and the cream you eat I must confess, was stripped, from the mountain
Track Name: Story of The 8-bit Compy
I wanted on the 8-bit compilation
so I wrote a song that sounds like this
it’s pretty cool its gameboy stimulation
I never thought I’d make a song like this...
this song is a story about itself
and the reasons that it came about today
whats the fucking point in rhyming
so heres the end of my song for the CD
take it and listen all you damn well please
I hope its worth all of my effort
It took me over an hour
Track Name: Meow Flute
the kitten plays a
happy jig on his flute
but the notes are violent
they cause HP loss to us
running from the death ray
makes this look like a piece of cake
I never heard such awful sounds
they pierce brains and tear out souls
magic songs that the damned composed
I had to run from the
green notes that obliterate
tear holes in the ozone
rutpture brains and corporates
he played another
round of angry melodies
the ground had just begun to shake
and my team was massacred
nothing saved them from the words
I have brought the
power of the antient gods
wind and darkness
focus in my hands
ergy forces out of me and
tears throguh
the lepecat
I have brought the pain now
sees how thing have turned out
I should get going
cat is defeated
life is so gleeing
see that puss in hell now
I am gone until I die
dont let this shit make you cry
yeah! yeah! yeah yeah yeah!!