My God Is The Cat King

by Bubblegum Octopus

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In 2010 I went on my first solo tour (the name of which I can not remember). A number of the shows were with Dental Work, so we pulled together tracks for a split. The original version was packaged in a DVD case with an ill-fitting print out of the artwork and liner notes. Later incarnations had different track-lists and better packaging.

This download DOES NOT include the Dental Work half of the release.
If you would like that, head over to the Placenta Recordings bandcamp (^^


released April 8, 2010

Music - Matthew "m@ the c@" Morden

Collage - Jay Watson



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mr. Yum
Make a song, make it perfect
Everyone can sing along
Mr. Yum is always good, Mr. Yum always makes sense
I'm telling you
Here's my song, hope you like it
Everyone dance along
Track Name: Rembowave
[be good kitty]
In the sky we never put you in bad place, not ever
harmless waves, are singing
Yellow triangles are coming down from heaven, together
With the bass it plays a sweet melody, rembowave
With the bass it plays a sweet melody, rembowave

I can see every single sound: Colors around me taking shapes
I can hear tastes and feel smells. Why won't the sound stop?
Olfaction shows me time of day. Rarefaction's shown with visual aid
I'm thinking you don't understand why I act like this

Outlined in golden light: Transparent rhombuses
Can you feel the taste of your food?
I know that this has to apply to you
Get on my wave

So now you're on the ground and you're misbehaving, curious as ever.
You sit with me and you take my pen away while I'm writing
It would seem that I'm the only one who can see. rembowave
It would seem that I'm the only one who can see rembowave
Track Name: Misconception Superhighway
Fuck you, I just don't need this shit
I know, more than you would believe
'Cuz I have all of this info here
I can tell that you're just subordinate

You are bound to all the orthodox
I can see that you're stuck in the box now

I am the greatest
I am strong and mighty
I am the greatest
I am powerful

If we race I'll leave you behind
If we fight I'll kick your behind
I have spent years flying through this road
I don't know how badly you'll get killed off
No, I don't look out behind I already know it's you there crying

So now prepare to be destroyed
I knew that you would just fall down
It only took you a couple tries
before you wanted the pain to subside
But no, that's just for the weak
If you're strong you will be like me
Everything that you hate It will take you
possess you and control your body
eat your soul, consume your passion
you'll be left alone and bitter
Track Name: Peace in Pious Pieces
Can you believe?
It wasn't so long ago
We were all friends,
We got along and never quarreled
But seeds planted
Sowed all around our earth
We were mislead
Hateful things sicker than gas station bathroom walls

The years have past
I wish the love was the same as before
But we grew up
We'll reconcile if anybody would talk to me
Admit your wrongs
Bad things were done this I know
I did them too
I know that you think you're too big for listening

But I've found my peace
while you're still fucking restless
But I've found myself
Everything is better
And while I might miss you
Or cry about my past
That's not that different than what I'd do if I was with you
Track Name: Discomfort & Laughing
This is something I'm not feeling anymore. no, not now
There's discomfort in this laughing
Everybody watching what I do now forgot the truth
There's no comfort in this laugh
For too long I've let people hound me
Pushing me out of their way
For too long I've acted like I don't care what any body says about me
There's discomfort and there's laughter
I'm not happy but I laugh

But maybe that's just how it is
I may not be strong but at least I'm not human
That's one good thing
I'm not sure why I'll talk again
I'm not sure why I'm laughing
I'm making a face but I don't have the feelings

You are lovely this is something I know: My word is law
I complain but I can smile
I know the truth you are worth it to me and I'm joyful
There is happy please be loved.


Discomfort with you, I'm trying to hide
I'm but a mirror, do you know I reflect?

This is something I'm not feeling anymore. No, not now.
There's no comfort in this laughing
Everybody watching what I do now forgot the truth
There's no comfort, go to sleep.