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Dying Again

by Bubblegum Octopus

Dying Again 03:23
In liquid, can't yell at this And veins that are breaking spill sodium slush Abusive, the power above On gurney chained down and destroyed by a shot It ends like this, with a fire in head Melting and corroding, salt waves on soft hands Can you Please take him away? Can you Put him on a cloud? Forgive and expel him for what he did wrong If you can excuse mental absence These are positive recourse If you can take me for my word I am to see the melancholic death If you can find a cirrus for us Aloft, careless, unfettered by thought I'll take your hand and leave this planet Everything that was happening (Memory in trash bin) Flattened by my anxiety (Satiate my panic) There is a soul to keep the heart occupied with Flowers and stones planted on a grassy meadow And we will grow more, from the endless supply From the dreams that we blast, into the murder filled skies And we become specters howling in the Dead of the blood, night of the black hammer slamming The moon is there, decide for me To keep me here, you clip my wings Beneath the bridge, is this flying? Clap of thunder (a skeleton) Break I return Waste of the endless forsaken Fuck of the lifelessness And now the time comes Roll to the moon Where everything is clean and sterile, no infection here Don't light a match and take a drag, you wouldn't want to grow a tumor twice the size of your head Go and get yourself a doctor And everything is going smoothly I'm tied down again (one more time) Screaming now won't do me any good, a robot reaches out to me and everything turns off It washes over me I'm anxious for it to black me right out Dying Again.
Paradise 06:00


"Dying Again" is a single I've been debating releasing since April 2014. I wanted to re-record it but have decided to leave the performance as it was done when the feelings behind it were most salient. I've replaced the original companion track with a song from last year to show that things can improve, even in the worst situations.

I hope you find paradise.


released May 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Bubblegum Octopus New Jersey



(2005 - FOREVER)

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