Possible Party (Part i: compilation tracks, b​-​sides, live recordings, and other rarities)

by Bubblegum Octopus

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Free compilation album of b-sides, live recordings, compilation submissions, and other rarities from 2005 to early 2010
Quality varies drastically. Some of it is even kind of embarrassing at this point! But that's okay!!


released May 27, 2010

All music, lyrics, and performances by Matthew "m@ the c@" Morden



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: I'm going to roll you up and beat the shit out of you
here it comes, gonna die. where's your god now?
look out bitch, time is now: failure to comply? NO

please don't cry, I will laugh; way too funny
close your eyes, sleep real tight: this is your end!

Imma roll ya up (an beat the shit outcha!)
Imma roll ya up (an beat the shit outcha bitch!)
Imma roll ya up (an beat the shit outcha!)
Imma roll ya up (gonna beatcho ass with a muthafuckin pimp cayne!)

I am going to roll you up and beat the shit out of you

pillow fights always through the night we do it
stars and moons baby holding hands in sex positions
childhood memories feed my brain images
happy thoughts, my dear, killing house pets for sadist pleasure
pillow fights always through the night we do it
stars and moons, baby, keep those hands in those positions
childhood memories feed my brain images
happy thoughts my dear now take it down a couple half steps
Track Name: Tree Movies
Ha! Oaky! I'm a tree! I'm a tree just let me be!
I haven't been told what to see, but here I am so let me be!
Ha! Florist! I'm a speed! I'm coffee'd, I have no need!
I have to move slow to be kneed, but here we are so let us seed!
More of this, I'll have to be another forestine casualty:
burn alive or cut down me
I'd run from you but I'm still a tree (please don't hurt me)
Okay's startin' to get a scare: he doesn't want to lose all of his hair
but oh no no no, and ah nah nah: the paper mill is just too far
Track Name: Rabbit Fun
I can not remember or understand all of the lyrics, sorry
Track Name: Birthday b-b-b-blues fest '09
Party time, but nobody is here for me
I don't know
Streamers around, plastic glow stars
Donuts and cake: eaten with a frown
I run away. Nothing can excuse you from this
No one will care about how awesome, it would have been
I don't need to cry, I'm a tough guy
One who doesn't have enough friends!
I will celebrate my birthday
tell everybody I don't need you here
unavoidable mess
Clean up. Now.
I don't wanna clean for this no show
I'm all alone!
No cake for you, I'll eat it all myself
Give me a break
You give me shit and I will give it back
Track Name: the Meat and the Marrow
I'll burn my own house down, I don't need possessions.
Life is best unfettered: lusting for the taste of meat
the meat is gone, delicious bones
steep in the pot, I hear my own moans
the heart is raped, constricted veins
the new friend grows, not but a troll
I see my death played out in movies
I'm not safe, they're after me, they're telling me, I need to flee
I don't see flying cars and spaceships (I just see grave stones)
I'm not sure the outcome lies with future meetings

He was supposed to be a savior, a messenger, of love
surpass and succeed. a purveyor of fortune
He was supposed to be a godsend here to help us live, not try to destroy, made to benefit us
I know I'm a disappointment, I can see that much so clearly
Wish that things had been more pleasant, wish I brought you solidarity
I can't live here but I know that nothing can but shell of good me
In my sleep you take my organs, cut to the bone, steal the insides

back to planet earth now, I don't retain my face
nothing looks quite the same
Staring at the face of meat
Why won't any body love me now I'm just a skeleton
There is nothing wrong with making everyone see themselves
I'm a great protector, showing man what makes him the same
We're just meat and marrow, bones and shit that's made from the stars
Don't go outside, nothing is alright
Don't show your face, hide behind clothes
Track Name: Noodles and Shrimp
shrimp fried rice, noodles and chicken wings
so yummy, I’d eat it all with eggs
but we have certain things we must do
before we eat we must wash our hands
I'm hungry, lets not forget this feast
so dig in, I hope I’m not a pig
good shellfish
plates full of sashimi
japanese food is so good
Track Name: Please Don't Kill The Gerbil
Spirit, please stop
Don't you kill him
Canta had made that black prison grave
All I did was watch in horror as the bleeding fest began
Miowta had been kept inside for almost a millennium
The strength of men destroyed the rodent piece by piece
And with a glance he noticed me and figure "hey, it's only two"
Track Name: The Trees Fucking Fuckpocalypsed
Show me what you're thinking
Gonna break into your skull
Wooden doll with strings within
He dances with a perverse smile
My mallet smashes all of him
There is a place in my brain, in my everything, where this small fiend can hide
He's made of wood, (?????), he wreaks of formaldehyde
Track Name: Meat Choir
Me mu mi may
Rah ku shee kay
Ter nee ah blah
Yo kai un guh

When the choir of meats comes out (?????)
I'd have thirteen mammograms before I saw I's made of ham
Blacken my eye, pie in my eye
With your fist of steel, I (????) my meal
Track Name: Kitten Happy
What can you do to make kitten happy?
What can you do?
Why not if you scratch his backy?
Scratch his backy
What can you do to make kitten happy?
What can you do?
I told you to scratch his backy
Track Name: Black Rose Hymn For The Antagonist
Your face covered in blood, I stare at you with pleasure
I hold in my hands now, an axe and all of your brain

Opera isn't good, no it's not
But I appreciate all of their vocal capabilities
Track Name: Power Tools Make For A Great Birthday Cake
Take off all the candles, and you will be surprised
It's not cake but it's a treat, it's made of drills and chains
You will try to eat it, but you will surely fail
This cake is made of power tools and I am sure you'll die
Track Name: The eye holds hands in the cloudy sky
Stars come up and I wish your face was right beside my
Hold my hand and I'll show you the way out of this place
Oh my god can you see what we've become since it happened
I feared the worst and now we have to come and face it
Please don't ever leave me
Fuck me, kill me, as you please
Porcelain doll with empty faces
Broken eyes and broken braces
I had what you'd call a....
Perfectly our eyes matched each other's in the sunlight
And by moon we found that our errors remained faded
Delicate were the words that we exchanged in our time
But now we see that the world isn't made of sugar