Bad Happy B​-​Sides

by Bubblegum Octopus

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KOOL SKULL Oh man it's hard to beat an opener like distortion castle, this shit is amazing. If you're a BGO fan, it's definitely a must have!
Bunnny Rabbit
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Bunnny Rabbit It's always nice to go back to the beginning and even more to be granted a glimpse of the B-Sides. The heart swelling grooves and funky synthetic chaos is why I've continued to hold Bubblegum Octopus close to the beating thing inside my ribcage. Favorite track: Panic Moonstrike.


Online again for those who missed it the first time. This won't be up for long (^o^!)

Bad Happy came out 5 years ago today, which is almost completely unbelievable for me. I started writing Bad Happy in 2009, and most of what made it to the album was written on the Take Control tour with Yatagarasu or after it. However, all of these songs (except Small Warrior) were written before that tour.

Since this isn't a proper release, this isn't going to be online for more than a week. Pay what you want, keeping in mind that any donations make recording the rest of the third album possible!

The artwork is by Inechi. This was a thumbnail of the rough version before she decided to completely revise it and make it look so much more incredible. This image is the one that appeared alongside one or two of the Bad Happy songs I previewed in the MySpace days, before the release.

As with all my compilation/retrospective releases, there's descriptions for every song if you click "info"!


released March 18, 2016

Music - Matthew "m@ the c@" Morden
Art - Inechi



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Track Name: Distortion Castle (rough vocal)
Nothing I do can ever please you
I built these walls, built them from white and pink noise
I'm using the forbidden hardware
One stomp box button between me and respect
It's burning me, the fumes take hold
I thought that our future was brighter than static sparks
I'm sitting inside of the castle
My throne is higher than the rest
I take my strides, fill them with passion
A bubble that quickly deflates

This orange box, I'm stuck inside of it
Outside of palace/kingdom (my kingdom_
I can evade every attack that is putting me farther away
Where is my peace?

I'm dropping glitches in my composition
For your respect, for idolatry
I'll never take your love for granted
I won't ever scream for you

This is my fortress
I believe that everything that I have built in life is shit
I can never stand up to the enemies that I have made